Private beach bars continue

THE Balearic Ministry for the Environment is in favour of extending the contract to the private company Explaya to manage the beach bars, something they have been doing for the past 25 years. However, the Balearic Demarcation of Coastlines is against the report, and has preferred to take the public interests into account by denying the extension to the private company. The Alcudia town council has already expressed its interests in managing the beach bars next May, when the contract is up. If Explaya do not get their wish, then the town council will be first in line to take over. The reason the Ministry for the Environment is in favour of privatisation is down to the plans made by Explaya, “to improve security and accessibility to the beach buildings, and the free and public use of these buildings and equipment”. In whatever case, the final decision by the Balearic Demarcation of Coastlines means that Explaya's contract will run out next May, although the beach buildings (bars, showers and bathrooms) will remain on the beach.

Easy access to beaches

THE Calvia town council and the Balearic Red Cross have signed an agreement to make it easier for less mobile people to use the beaches and go for a swim at Palmanova and Son Maties. They will be buying amphibious wheelchairs and crutches, special ramps, sunbathing areas, and adapted toilets and carparking spaces. The two beaches will also count on the help of a lifeguard, a monitor specialised in this matter and two volunteers, who will coordinate and supervise the areas so that no accidents happen and so that they can help out when needed. These services will be available every Tuesday and Friday in the second half of this month from 10.30am until 1pm, and 4.30pm until 7pm.

Piece of art donated

THE Public Works department in the Council of Majorca will be donating a sculpture by the artist Xavier Llull to the Costitx town council today. The Minister for Public Works, Antoni Pascual and the Director for Roads, Gonzalo Aguiar will be handing over this piece of art today at 8pm in the Plaza de los Donantes de Sangre.

Fiesta closes several roads

FOUR roads which join together Fornalutx with Soller will be closed to traffic because of the patron saint festivals which are being celebrated in this area. The three roads (PM-V, 212-1 and 212-2) will be closed from 8am until 4pm today and tomorrow, whilst the section of PM-V 212-1 road will be closed tomorrow from 9am until 3pm. Signs will show drivers the change to the roads and also Palma local police will be regulating these roads, and guaranteeing that residents can get to their homes.