by Staff Reporter
ROBBERY is believed to be the motive of the murder of Angela Uguet, 36, of Felanitx, and Santiago Gonzalo Garcia, 49, of Madrid, whose bodies were discovered under the bridge over the Via Cintura on Sunday.

As reported yesterday, a man named as J G M was remanded in custody.
Although the two victims were homeless, police sources said that one of the victims had owned a bank card, which was not found at the scene of the crime.

At the time of his arrest, the suspect was carrying a backpack, containing a pair of slippers with a sole which, according to investigators, apparently matched a footprint found at the scene of the crime. It was also allegedly stained with what appeared to be blood.

The suspect, who is a construction worker, allegedly told police that he collected a week's pay on Saturday and spent it on drugs which he consumed on Saturday night.

Police say that the accused usually carried a hammer among his tools, but it was not among his belongings when he was arrested. He was unable to tell police where it was, although he allegedly admitted having it earlier in the evening.

It is also alleged that he knew the victims.
The autopsy on the two bodies revealed that death was due to severe head injuries caused by repeated blows from a blunt instrument.
The murders took place just 50 metres from the homeless shelter of Es Refugi, where the two victims occasionally passed the night.
The island has been shaken by a spate of murders: on August 30, chef Pedro Bonnin was found battered to death at his home in Arta; on August 26, a Spanish women was found strangled by a belt, allegedly killed by her husband in a fit of jealousy; on August 19, police found the bodies of Ana Minissale and Daniel Woolcock in their Terreno flat (Woolcock allegedly battered Minissale to death and then hanged himself).