Staff Reporter MORE than 3'450 bolts of lightning fell in the Balearic Islands over the past 24 hours (Thursday), the majority hitting Majorca, coupled with heavy rainfall and gale-force winds reaching 145 kilometres per hour in some areas.

The harsh weather conditions which have been seriously affecting the islands this week show signs of finally abating.
Nevertheless, intense rainfall was registered in some areas of Majorca yesterday, such as towns in the Sierra de Tramuntana, for example Valldemossa which received 84 litres per square metre of rainfall, said Agustin Jansá, Director of the Balearic Weather Station.

Bunyola alone collected 80 litres of rainfall per square metre yesterday, whilst significant rain fell in Sa Pobla (57 litres per square metre) and Lluc (35 litres per square metre).

In Palma the rain was less of a problem, as only 10 litres per square metre was registered at the Palma Airport, with more registered at Porto Pi weather station (23 litres per metre squared).

The rain was also accompanied by hail in certain towns, such as Santa Maria and Galilea.
Electrical storms also joined the heavy rainfall, with 2'547 bolts of lightning striking Majorca in 24 hours (from Wednesday through to Thursday), and a further 400 bolts in Minorca plus 504 in Ibiza, giving a grand total of 3'451 rays, said Agustin Jansa.

A local resident in Sencelles witnessed and registered wind speeds hitting the 145 kilometres per hour mark, and the Weather Station considers these figures “not official but trustworthy”.

According to the Weather Station Director the unsettled weather is slowly disappearing, but this improvement will only be “transitory”, as more bad weather is expected tomorrow.

The Majorca Fire Brigade had a busy night when they were called out to around 50 emergency situations related to the bad weather, above all for trees falling down and to bail out excess water. Between midnight on Wednesday and 8am yesterday morning the fire brigade had to help out when 24 objects fell into roads, 14 trees fell down and a further four ground floors needed the excess rainwater pumping out.

The ferries operated normally yesterday, with one exception; the Balearia ferry in Alcudia with destination to Ciudadela, which was delayed by a few hours, and postponed until later that night.