Guided church tour

THE Sa Pobla Association “Gent com tu” (People like you) have organised a guided tour around the Sant Antoni Abad Church for small groups (max. 20), in order to help raise money to finance the roof works. The first tour starts today at 4pm and will cost 2 euros, of which one euro will go directly to the roof campaign. The tour will include explanations of the most characteristic elements of the church, such as the main room, the treasury and the corridors. “We want people to see the roof with their own eyes, so it will encourage them to help the campaign” said Margalida Crespi, one of the organisers.

Financial help needed

THE Alcudia town council will be asking for help off the Council of Majorca so that they can transform the Can Ramis houses into a multi-functional centre. This project was selected from a range of ideas submitted to a local competition, and will cost approximately 1.37 million euros. The town council will soon by asking the Council of Majorca to fund around 70 percent of this total cost, through the 2006 Works and Services Plan.

More help wanted

MORE funding is being asked from the 2006 Works and Services Plan by the Pollensa town council. This time it is to be able to carry out improvement works to the drainage system in the town, mainly calle Pescadors (in the port of Pollensa), calle Huerta and near to the Can Berenguer roundabout.

Land auction

THE Mayor of Sa Pobla, Antoni Serra Mir, has confirmed that he is going to hold an extraordinary council meeting next week to discuss and agree the final conditions of the public auction for two municipal plots of land located on the Can Tró industrial estate. The starting price for the bigger plot of land (1'600 square metres) is 548'985 euros, whilst the 1'100 square metre plot of land will start at 351'692 euros. The aim of the auction is to raise money to be able to pay for two important projects in the area: the renovation of the old part of the cemetery and the construction of premises for the municipal brigade. “We have to look for alternative sources of income”, said Antoni Serra Mir.