Staff Reporter ALL inclusive packages are “bad”, even for the hotels which offer this type of holiday, said Bartolomé Servera, the President of the Balearic Business Federation (Afedeco), at a press conference yesterday.

Even though he considers the all-inclusive packages bad news for the Balearic Islands, he also adds that it would be “very reckless to scorn” an offer which between 15 and 19 percent of the tourists ask for when they come to the islands.

The President of Afedeco left it very clear that he does not support this type of holiday package, but it was also apparent that he considers that it would be an error to get rid of it and imprudent to “demonize” it.

Many visitors to the islands want this type of package holiday and he considers it foolish to turn them away.
Hotels are offering all-inclusive holidays because the Balearic Islands “live for tourism” and at the end of the day it is vital to fill the hotels, he added.

He reminded people at the press conference that with all-inclusive packages “the demand was born before the offer” and not the other way around.
Official sources have confirmed that these package holidays attract between 15 and 19 percent of the tourists who come to the islands, a quantity which, in his opinion, you cannot ignore, especially if you take into account the repercussions that this drop in visitors would have for all the other tourism sectors.

The system is “bad” for the hotels, and especially for the surrounding bars, restaurants and supermarkets, but not necessarily for other businesses, he added. It is “common sense” that if a tourist needs shoes or perfume, they will go to a nearby shop. “We can't turn away all-inclusive customers, as it will damage the islands,” he concluded.