776 years of King Jaume landing

THE festival in Santa Ponsa, to celebrate the landing of King Jaume I, is once again filling the main squares and streets with hundreds of residents and tourists, who all want to see the numerous traditional events. Such as the medieval market, which yesterday was swarming with people. Also, today the town will be busy when the Moors and Christian battles commence at 6.30pm. There will be so much going on with a full festival programme.

Kite deaths

THE Minister for the Environment, Jaume Font, yesterday informed personnel in his department that a dead kite was found in the area of Santa Maria. At present the Ministry is carrying out tests to find the cause of death of these species, which is in extinction. Back in April representatives for the environmental group, GOB, discovered a dead kite near to the Na Borges water channel in the region of Arta, which showed signs of having being poisoned. These two cases can be added to the third dead kite which was registered in March 2005.

Hike closes road

DUE to the annual and traditional 26th hike to Lluc, which is taking place tonight, the road which joins together Inca and the Lluc Monastery (PM 213) will be closed to traffic. The long walk to Lluc, which will be undertaken by approximately 5'000 residents, will eventually reach the monastery around 7am on Sunday morning. As a result the PM-213 road will be closed to all traffic from 4am until 8am. Furthermore, the Council of Majorca has issued a warning to residents as they expect delays on several other roads in the early hours of Sunday morning, when people will be leaving from different parts of the countryside to take part in the hike, and not just from Palma. Other road problems can be expected on Majorca roads between 9.30am and 4.15pm tomorrow due to a cycling tour which is being held around Alcudia, Pollensa, Lluc, Puig Major, Caimari, Campanet and the old Pollensa road.

Complaints about swimmming pool

A YEAR after the official opening of the indoors swimming pool, the socialist party in Inca (PSOE) have reported that it is in a state of abandonment. The ground around the pool has not been maintained and the attached carpark should be closed, they announced yesterday. Many residents and swimming pool visitors have complained about “the side of the pool which borders on the carpark which has not be closed properly, there is still a lot of construction tools lying around and there is an embankment full of stones and mud between the swimming pool and the carpark”. This embankment is used as a cycle track, said the residents, and it is clearly a danger if someone falls from the 4 metre height, as there is no type of protection to stop the fall, added the socialist spokesperson, Xavier Ramis.