News Desk THE Council of Majorca will approve the modification to the rubbish disposal plan in the next council meeting in October, which will mean that the main incinerator plant in Palma will be capable of burning 140 percent more waste than it currently does, The modification was presented to the political parties back in May, and already there have been formal talks with the right-wing and Socialist (PSOE) parties. However, there has not yet been any meetings with the representatives from the Majorca Socialist Party (PSM) and the Majorcan Unionist Party (UM) about enlarging the capabilities of the Son Reus plant.

The plan to increase rubbish treatment at the Palma incinerator plant contemplates installing either two new furnaces, or a larger double furnace. This matter has still not been decided.

The new oven(s) will be able to burn up to 420'000 tonnes of rubbish, which will be added to the 300'000 tonnes that is currently handled by the Palma plant.

The investment needed to beef up waste management in Palma is estimated at approximately 250 million euros.
The plan will cover the period up to 2013, and will allow the definite closure of the current incinerator in the Son Reus station in 2008. So that there will not be a breakdown in service while this plan is being implemented, a provisional incinerator for emergency situations will be installed. This will be used for two years as the Council of Majorca estimates that the two new incinerators will be operative by 2010.