Staff Reporter EVERYTHING is ready for next Wednesday when around 60 pupils will start the school year in Lluc monastery. But this year will be special as three of the pupils will be girls: Sonia Aguareles, Helena Dodd and Gemma Camps.

These three new pupils of the school in Lluc will be the first girls to ever join the school, which has traditionally been a boys' place of learning and singing, famous for its choir, Els Blavets, which the girls will eventually join.

The girls all share a love of the countryside and a strong devotion to music, which is a main part of the students' life in Lluc.
Helena Dodd is nine years old and lives in Sencelles. She has inherited her passion for music from her parents, who both dedicate themselves to this profession. “I love singing and I can not wait to learn the new school songs, so that I can rehearse with the blavets,” she said.
Besides music classes, Helena equally likes the countryside in Lluc and she hopes one day to be able to board at the monastery, as the boys do. “At the moment there are no rooms for girls, but I hope there will be next year”, she added.
Sonia Aguareles, the youngest of the three girls, is only eight years old and lives in Soller.
She has confessed that “since I was one and a half years old I wanted to be a blavet”.
For this reason, her new school year to start very soon in Lluc, has become a dream come true for her.
For now she seems excited and ready to get involved with the boys' choir. She is also excited about improving her violin technique, as she has been playing this instrument since she was six years old.

Sonia's older brother, Victor, was once a blavet and as a result, Sonia has heard a great deal about the Lluc school.
The three girls are all looking forward to a busy year at the school, and do not feel threatened by the other 60 pupils, who are all boys.