By Humphrey Carter BRITISH couple Tim and Narwal Hedges hope that the people who attacked and left their innocent 15-year-old son for dead in Santa Ponsa on Saturday are caught as soon as possible.

Tim and Narwal yesterday paid tribute to the doctors at Son Dureta hospital for saving their son Jesdon's life but, while the teenager remains in a serious condition with a punctured lung, his parents, sister and friends are still trying to comes to terms with what happened in the early hours of Saturday.

An emotional and angry Tim and Narwal explained yesterday how Jesdon had been staying last Friday at a friend's house in Santa Ponsa to celebrate a double birthday. “He, his girlfriend, sister Jasmine and friends had gone to the Burger King, I think, to celebrate their birthdays. “He's not a trouble-maker and they were all walking home along calle Puig des Galatzo when he was attacked. “He was with his girlfriend and sister, the rest of the group were a few metres down the road. “Previously there had been a fight between some English and Irish youths, but it had nothing to do with them, they just happened to witness the brawl. “However, one of the Irish lads injured in the fight suddenly reappeared in the street with a gang of mates. “The first person they came across was Jesdon and one asked him if he was English. Before my son could answer he was apparently punched in the face. They knocked him out and stabbed him. Only once, but enough to puncture a lung. His injuries also suggest that he was kicked when on the ground unconscious. “His sister, who is only 14, did chase one of the lads, apparently with blood on his hands, up the road. She managed to grab him but he was too big and she couldn't stop him. “But, she and Jesdon's girlfriend did get a clear look at the two main attackers and are helping police with their investigation. “They left him for dead. Jesdon has told me how blood was bubbling out of his wound and his lung as he sucked in air. Doctors said that he was down to the last few drops of blood, he had less than a pint left in him and they had to carry out two blood transfusions. “Son Dureta's been marvelous they've saved his life,” said Tim. “Luckily he's fit and healthy - that also helped him survive,” he added.
But, what neither Tim nor Narwal can understand is why he was attacked by the group of “thugs.” “He was just minding his own business, he's no troublemaker, none of his friends are, they were just on their way home. “I can't be with him all the time, he's 15 and growing up, who'd have thought a night out to a Burger King and a wander about could end in nearly losing your son,” said Tim.

The Hedges have lived in Tenerife, where they are one of the island's top cabaret acts for the past 20 years. Both Jesdon and Jasmine were born on the island but, like the rest of the family, are British, and this summer they thought they would return to Majorca for the summer. “We have come to Majorca a number of times in the past and Jesdon has made a lot of friends in Santa Ponsa. We always considered the resort to be nice and safe - that's why we had no objections to him going out on Friday. “The police have been quick to respond, they immediately contacted hotels asking if any clients came home very late and have collected a series of passport photos for identification. They say the investigation is going well. “But what I say is why are there no “bobbies” on the beat in the resort. “I know there are CCTV cameras and they have apparently caught images of some of the possible suspects, but a patrol car is a major deterrent, it will make anyone looking for trouble think twice. Some of the holiday resorts have become zoos without fences, you don't know where you are and it's not so much the places but the people. “What are these people on holiday doing armed with large knives, they're looking for trouble,” said Tim and Narwal. “You've got to keep your eyes open when on holiday and I hope everyone can learn lessons from this, from the police to teenagers and their parents,” Tim added. “From now on, he's getting home early until he is 18. You never think something like this is going to happen to your children but at the same time, you can't be constantly looking over your shoulder worrying about his safety all the time. “There obviously needs to be more police on the street and if the bars are going to be open until the very early hours, police should remain on patrol, until everyone has gone home safely,” said Tim. “The CCTV camera images are helping the investigation, but the cameras are not preventative measures.” Police have said there were probably a lot of witnesses to Jesdon's attack but few have come forward, Tim and Narwal yesterday issued a plea for witnesses to contact the police “I want these people caught before they can leave the island,” said Tim.