News Desk CLUBS in the Balearic Islands will soon be promoting a pioneering project in Spain to cut consumption of drugs on the premises. The project will focus on offering the party goers on the islands a selection of informative leaflets at the entrance, inside and in the hallways of the local clubs.

The information will give people more knowledge about the different type of drugs and the effects of taking them. It will also offer advice on what to do if people go against the law and consume drugs.

This pioneering project is the result of an agreement between the Association for Balearic Night Clubs and Similar, which has more than 200 members throughout the islands, and the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs.

The initiative was brought into being because of the “unfortunate” number of deaths this summer in Ibiza, due to cases involving the consumption of many “new designer drugs,” said the regional co-ordinator for Drug Dependency and Addictions within the Ministry, Bartolome Jaume.

The campaign, which will be developed throughout the year, will also include a poster which will be placed in the many nightclubs and bars.
The poster, which will come in six languages (English, Spanish, Catalan, French, Italian and German) will offer preventative advice on drug and alcohol consumption, and will also offer advice on what to do in cases of an overdose.

Furthermore, the campaign, which has been labelled as “important and new”, will set up training courses for the staff in clubs. These courses will train the staff to spot an intoxicated person, and will also give them basic first aid knowledge, which will probably be taught by representatives from the 061 emergency department.

Along similar lines, the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs will also be setting up a Drug Dependency Prevention Centre from the start of next year, which is aimed at helping 16 to 25 year olds.

Informative courses will be offered at the centre, as well as work initiatives to “set them on the right path”.
Jaume said this would take the pressure off other programmes.