News Desk THE Balearic Government will be presenting a programme to promote social tourism between countries in the European Union during the off peak seasons of the year.

The aim of the programme is to reduce the winter stagnation where tourism is considered, and manage to maintain economic activity and employment in those regions which especially rely on tourism.

This proposal was annouced yesterday by the Minister for Work and Training, Cristobal Huguet, who outlined that the programe will be presented in Palma on 11 November during the European Conference for Social Tourism, Economic Growth and Employment.

Many key figures from the European Institutions and Trade Unions are expected to attend this conference in Palma.
The Balearic Government has already spoke of this matter to the tourism authorities in Poland and Germany, said the Minister. Both countries showed an interest in this programme, he added.

The EU Regional Committee has also held a meeting with Southern countries, and will furthermore hold a second meeting with the Northern regions before the date of the conference.

The programme aims at promoting winter tourism and providing a “beneficial” touristic and social exchange between participanting countries within the EU, added the Director General for Tourism Promotion in the Ministry, Eduardo Gamero.

With the pilot project, which will first be developing using public funds, the government and the representatives will try to demonstrate, first in theory and then in practice, that it is possible to generate economic activity which will lead to economic growth and employment, added Cristobal Huguet.

The Minister explained that, once the project is active, it will produce demand which will generate profits, this will also create taxes which will be returned to public funds, “which started the activity”. All in all generating growth in the economy “will extend work contracts and create more employment”.

The Balearic Government does not want the EU to establish a policy on social tourism, but wants them “to show the possibilities” through this initiative, added the Minister.