A poll taken in November by the Centre of Sociological Research (CIS) revealed that three out of five Spaniards think that there are too many foreigners in Spain.

Neverthless, the same poll found that more than half of Spaniards are in favour of allowing foreigners who have settled in Spain to vote in general elections.

Immigration is the second greatest worry of the Spanish, after unemployment, the November poll found.
In fact, 40 percent of those polled said that they saw it as a problem.
Nevertheless, when asked what issues affected them most personally, only 13.3 percent said immigration. In spite of all this, immigrants are better thought of than gypsies.

Almost a quarter of those questioned confessed that they wouldn't like their children to study in the same class as gypsy children, while the percentage that wouldn't want their children to study in the same class as immigrant children was 10 percent.

In any case, more than half the Spanish, 53.4 percent, were in favour of immigrants who have settled here voting in general elections (at the moment they are not allowed to, neither are immigrants from the European Union).

Also, up to 60.8 percent think that they should have the right to vote in municipal elections (at the moment only immigrants from the European Union are allowed to do so).

The CIS poll showed that there was much more controversy over political migration.
Almost 85 percent think that only those immigrants with work permits should be allowed in.
The facilities which the Spanish would give to foreigners are: education of their children (92.5 percent); working conditions equal to those of Spanish workers (86.4 percent); free medical care (81.3 percent); the right to practice their religion (81.2 percent); and the right to bring their families here (73 percent).


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