SPAIN may not have won the World Cup but it certainly appears to be the UK's favourite post-World Cup holiday destination with many England supporters punishing Portugal for knocking England out by turning their backs on the country this summer. According to UK travel industry sources, while there has been a post-World Cup surge in holiday bookings to most destinations, sales of holidays to Portugal in England are rather slow and some experts claim that England football fans are boycotting the country. As always, Spain, in particular the Balearics, is the number one summer holiday hot spot in Britain. But this summer, Spain may do better than ever at Portugal's expense. The Balearics has welcomed the surge in UK bookings and expected the German market to come alive again after the bulk of Germans opted to remain at home for the World Cup while Germany enjoyed unusually hot weather. The German travel industry has been surprised by the number of Germans who stayed at home for the World Cup despite major campaigns promoting watching the tournament in sunshine destinations.