By Humphrey Carter
Photos: H. Carter
GMTV, Britain's most popular breakfast show, will next week be giving away its biggest prize of the year, a £125.000 dream holiday apartment in Majorca.

Top presenter Jenni Falconer who hosts Entertainment Today every Friday and will soon be fronting the new BBC National Lottery show on Wednesdays and Saturdays, is already on the island with a GMTV film crew and they are spending this weekend touring the island, filming at many of Majorca's beauty spots and places of interest as well as Jenni enjoying some shopping in the centre of Palma.

On Monday, Jenni, who is no stranger to Majorca, an island she loves, will kick of Majorca-week on GMTV by broadcasting live from the prize apartment in Sa Coma on Majorca's East coast.

Every day next week, GMTV will feature a spot on a different part of Majorca and ask their six million viewers to answer a simple question.
Should they wish to win the dream holiday apartment, all the viewers have to do is phone in their answer.
A different question will be asked every day with the daily winners going into Friday's final.
While Jenni will be back presenting Entertainment Today on Friday, Jackie Brambell will be flying out to Majorca to broadcast the final live show from Sa Coma and announce the lucky winners who will have to choose from a bunch of keys Jackie will be holding.

Whichever of the finalists picks the right key to the apartment will win the dream prize.
This is the second consecutive year GMTV have run a Majorca-week, but last year the prize give aways were family holidays, not a dream holiday home.
Jenni was down filming at Portals yesterday before leaping on a luxury yacht for some filming off the coast of Majorca. “I love the island, I've presented some travel spots from here and used to holiday here when I was little but, however much I would love to come for a holiday, it's all go at work,” Jenni said yesterday.

And to drag Jenni away from her job, which she loves, is going to take some doing.
Week in, week out, she interviews and rubs shoulders with the rich and famous. Interviews which stand out in her mind this year include Tom Cruise, Kate Hudson, Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp. “He's lovely, really quite shy but great with his fans and very easy to talk to, he's also extremely sexy,” she said of Depp. “Cruise is very nice, he's a blockbuster megastar and quite often he puts the fans before interviews at premieres. That's what he did at the MI3 premiere in London and left many journalists empty handed after a five-hour wait. I got my interview though,” she said.

Jenni's also been practising the Spanish she learnt at school. “It was such a long time ago and I'm pretty rusty,” she admitted.
Well, whoever wins the dream home will have plenty of time to perfect their Spanish as they relax in Majorca.


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