DOCTORS at Son Llatzer national health hospital have re-attached the severed hand of an 11 year old boy during an emergency operation.
According to hospital sources the boy had his hand severed while playing in Muro, when part of a fountain he had climbed onto fell on him.
Sources said that the boy was playing in the square, while his parents and friends dined in a local restaurant. He is said to have climbed on to the fountain, part of which broke off and severed his hand. He received emergency first aid from a doctor from the local health centre, until an ambulance arrived.
The boy was rushed to Son Llatzer hospital, where he was operated on immediately by the hospital's neurological team.
During the operation, which lasted seven hours, the doctors were able to re-attach the boy's hand.
They then had to wait for 48 hours before knowing if the operation had been successful.
For now the boy is doing well, according to hospital sources.
Shortly after the accident, Local Police officers sealed off the fountain.