by Staff Reporter

THE Balearic ministry of the environment will launch its Beach Quality Plan on Friday. During the campaign, 226 beaches in 37 municipalities will be cleaned once a week. This represents nearly 98 kilometres of coastline.

The clean-up operation was confirmed yesterday by minister Jaume Font, who presented the 13 teams (a total of 52 people) who will be given the task of cleaning the beaches with the help of pick up trucks.

Font stressed the importance of cleaning each of the beaches “once a week and in some cases twice,” as residents and tourists now use them for more months a year.

He called on town councils to collaborate, as they will be in charge of collecting the bags full of rubbish collected by the teams.
Font said that the teams will pick up all the rubbish found on the sand manually, except the seaweed dumped on the sand by the sea, which will be left in place, as it helps hold down the sand during winter.

A call centre will be set up to co-ordinate the work of the brigades.
The Winter Beach Quality Plan will cost 600'000 euros, which will be provided by the Balearic ministry, with the support of the Foundation for Sustainable Development.

It complements the Bathing Water Quality Plan which operates throughout the high season, to ensure that the coastal water is fit for bathing.