By Humphrey Carter

THE investigation into alleged corruption in Andratx was widened to France and Switzerland yesterday where Interpol are apparently looking at bank accounts belonging to the former Andratx mayor, Eugenio Hidalgo, the former Balearic Director General for Planning, Jaume Massot, and the Andratx Planning Inspector, Jaume Gibert.

In another development, which investigators are claiming to be one of the most important discoveries yet, it has been revealed that the former Balearic Director General for Planning, apparently ran a property development company from his home. Investigators suspect that the company could have been used as a front to launder money .

Court sources revealed yesterday that Balear Helvética de Inversiones SA is listed under Massot's home address with the only one person on the board - the former planning chief.

A search warrant has been issued and the fraud squad is understood to be keen to search the property because they suspect there could be documents dating back to when Massot was the Andratx Councillor for Urban Development and Environment.


The public prosecution and the Guardia Civil serious fraud squad leading the investigation are confident that within the next few days, they should be able to establish the true economic situation of the three detainees and have a much clearer picture of their business relationship and activities.

Yesterday, while the Guardia Civil returned to search Andratx Town Hall for a second time, the former municipal architect on Andratx Council, María Isabel Seguí Capó, apparently admitted to the judge presiding over the case that she suspected that she signed planning permits which she suspected “were not legal.”