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A total of 4'084 Balearic drivers have lost or are about to lose 14'934 points from their driving licences as a result of the 4'279 infractions reported by the Guardia Civil since July, when the new points system came into force.

The figures were released by the traffic authorities and refer only to the offences reported by the Gaurdia Civil, so the number of points lost will eventually be higher, when infractions reported by the other police forces are added on.

Antonio Femenías, head of road safety in the traffic department, said that nobody had lost their licence for losing all their points, as the process was a long one, involving the presentation of appeals.

The process of deducting points can take up to six months, he said.
The most frequent offence is driving without a seat belt or crash helmet, with 1'452 cases reported between July and December. This leads to a loss of three points, meaning that the 1'422 drivers reported have lost 4'356 points.

The second most frequent offence is drink driving, which led to 716 drivers losing 3'625 points, followed by speeding.
Femenías said that it was “premature” to evaluate the effects on driving habits of the new points system.


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