A CAMPAIGN for governmental and non-governmental organisations to come together to organise a “mega” paper recycling system was launched yesterday in Palma.

Catalina Tarrassa, Environment deputy at Palma Town Hall and president of the water and rubbish collection company Emaya, announced that an integral system to deal with waste paper and cardboard in the capital were to become the focus of the joint efforts of local Balearic business associations: IBI-Comercio, Afedeco and Pimeco. Tarrassa was supported on the occasion by Sebastiá Sansó, Economy, Trade and Industry deputy.

The campaign will get underway this coming Monday with IBI-Comercio distributing thousands of explanatory leaflets and stickers to more than 3'000 businesses in Palma.

The keynote feature of the paper recycling system lies in the first instance, with “the traders letting the clients know about the campaign and asking them whether or not they want their product wrapped.

In this way, “if the purchaser wants the item wrapped, the company then adds a special sticker urging the client to throw the packaging into specially provided recycling containers. “If the purchaser doesn't want the product wrapped, then one of the objects of this campaign will have been achieved, i.e. to reduce the unnecessary use of paper,” explained Tarrasa. “The Town Council is fully aware of the importance of traditional business practice when it comes to promoting environmental policy. People living in the city have a high level of interraction with such companies on a daily basis; that is why we were anxious to have the support of the Balearic business associations when launching this campaign. “The recycling of paper and cardboard is one of the most reliable measures of how seriously people are taking the challenge for a cleaner environment. To have businesses put their weight behind systems of wastage minimisation is a strong incentive for private individuals to follow,” said the director of Emaya.


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