THE environmental group GOB announced yesterday that they have found the body of a kite which had been poisoned.
The discovery was made on an estate in Santa Maria. A spokesman for GOB warned that this practice is “criminal” and that the guilty parties “could end up in prison”.

The spokesman said that the dead kite, which was born in 2004, was found thanks to the radio transmitter which the organisation had attached to it when it was a chick in the nest.

This technology allows the organisation to follow the movements of around 40 kites, so that when one dies it is easy to “recover the body rapidly” in order to determine the cause of death.

According to GOB, the kite population on Majorca is formed by “just 14 reproducing pairs” and because of this this species has been catalogued as one with “the maximum risk of extinction”.

The use of poison in the natural environment is related to the killing of predators and, according to GOB, in most cases this practice is what the management of game reserves do to kill predators which could reduce species of interest to hunters.

In order to monitor suspicious cases, GOB has called for collaboration from citizens in informing the Balearic Ministry for the Environment when dead animals which could have been poisoned are found.

The spokesman recalled that in the Balearics there have already been two convictions for poisoning animals and two game reserves have been closed because of this practice.


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