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THE number of foreign people paying Social Security contributions in the Balearics was 62'769 as at the end of January, some 2.3 percent more than in December (1'424 more people).

Meanwhile, throughout Spain the number of foreigners paying Social Security contributions was 1'847'443, some 1.28 percent more than in January, according to figures published yesterday by the Ministry of Work and Social Affairs.

Just as in January, the construction sector was the sector which had most foreign contributors on the islands, 35.9 percent of foreign contributors work in this industry. There were 15'983 contributors from the construction industry, of which the majority (12'859) come from countries outside the European Union and just 3'124 from inside the European Union.

The second sector with most foreign contributors to the Social Security system is the catering sector, having 16.1 percent of foreign contributors (7'778), of which 4.764 come from outside the European Union and 3'014 from inside the European Union.

Of the total foreign contributors 44'510 pay into the national office (Regimen General), 10'600 to the regional office (Regimen Autonomo) and 6'625 are in the Home sector. With regard to the countries they come from, 37'864 are from countries no belonging to the EU, of which 29'142 pay into the Regimen General, 2'460 to the Regimen Autonomo and 5'452 in the Home sector.

The number of foreign contributors from EU countries was 24'905 in January.
Ecuador still leads as the country with most contributors to the Social Security system, with 7'678 people.
This is followed by Germany with 7'300. Morocco takes third place with 7'228 contributors, Colombia with 4'225, Argentina with 3'974, and Britain with 3'973.

Throughout Spain the number of foreigners contributing to Social Security rose by 23'469 in January, 1.28 percent in comparison with December, which brings the total number of immigrants contributing to the system to 1.8 million. All the new contributors registered last month were from EU countries.

The incorporation of Bulgaria and Rumania into the European Union has increased the number of contributors coming from inside the EU.
In fact, in January 230'929 new foreign contributors from the EU were registered (65.9 percent more), a rise which was offset somewhat by the decrease of 207'460 people (14 percent less) in contributors from countries outside the EU.


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