THE opposition PSOE socialist party on the Calvia council went into bat yesterday against the ruling Partido Popular stating that if they win the local elections in May the Mallorca Cricket Club will not have to move to a new home.

Under plans outlined last Christmas by the Partido Popular council the Mallorca Cricket Club will have to move to a new site nearby because their present ground in Magalluf (owned by the council) is being redeveloped.

But socialist leader, Antonio Manchado, who is bidding to oust Mayor Carlos Delgado in this May's local elections said: “the cricket club will be very safe if a socialist administration comes to power. Infact, they will be allowed to stay exactly where they are. We believe that the club plays a vital role for Calvia's foreign community.” In a sure sign that both the main parties in Calvia will be courting the non-Spanish European vote, Manchado announced that their manifesto, which they will be launching shortly, would include a series of policies for European expatriates. “The Partido Popular has said that we will scrap the Foreigners' Department. This is simply not true. This department is very important and we will maintain it. We also understand that foreign residents like to be spoken to in their own language,” he said, indicating that English and German speaking staff at the council would be maintained.

Manchado also said that his party would establish a committee formed by representatives of the various foreign associations which would act as a link between their members and the Council.

The socialist leader also said that he had written to all foreign residents in the Calvia area to outline his plans. “I would just like to tell all non-Spanish European residents that they have nothing to fear from a socialist council. Infact, their quality of life in Calvia will improve,” he said.