r of the Majorcan Unionist party, Maria Antonia Munar, who holds the keys to power after none of the major parties succeeded in winning a majority at the local elections on May 27.

The former ruling Partido Popular was the most voted party but the leader of the centre-right Partido Popular, acting President Jaume Matas, fell one short of a parliamentary majority crowning Munar, whose party polled the least number of votes, as the king maker.

The Partido Popular chief executive was said to have met yesterday to discuss the terms on which it would be prepared to enter into a coalition government with Munar's Majorcan Unionist party.

However, the PP have been playing their cards very close to their chests and, perhaps as intended, the PSOE Socialist party took the plunge and made its initial offer to Munar on Saturday.

Led by Francesc Antich, the Socialist Balearic president Matas defeated in the 2003 elections, the PSOE, in exchange for forming a coalition government, have offered Maria Antonia Munar and her party the position of Balearic vice-president, Parliamentary speaker and leadership of the Council of Majorca while Antich returns to the presidency, Aina Calvo becomes Mayor of Palma and they share the responsibilities of the Council of Majorca 50/50 under continued UM leadership.

The parliamentary speaker's job would go to Munar, who has presided over the Council of Majorca for the past 12 years and it is said, by sources close to her in the UM, to want a change.

Miguel Nadal, the UM's unsuccessful candidate for the Mayor of Palma, would replace Rosa Estaras as Balearic vice-president.
What is more, to further appease Munar, the Socialists' offer does not include the far left Bloc being given important roles in any of the three institutions. Should Munar decide to pact with the Socialists, she would send the Partido Popular into the political wilderness and isolate Partido Popular-led councils.

However, the PP know there is still plenty of time to reach a deal, the local council coalitions have to be decided first by June 16. But they are going to have to come up with something good, especially after the political attacks some members of the PP mounted against Munar during the campaign.


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