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THE Passeig d'Alt Murada by Palma's Cathedral is the most expensive street in Spain, with properties costing an average of 15'000 euros per square metre, according to a report by Tasamadrid.

Even though similar prices have been reached in Madrid, in new developments in the Paseo de la Habana, the average prices in the most expensive streets in the Spanish capital, in the Retiro and Passeo de la Castellana areas, are between 10'000 and 15'000 euros per square metres.

The case of Barcelona is similar, for while a price of 18'000 euros per square metre was recorded on one property in the Paseo de Gracia, the average price in the most expensive streets is 13'000 euros per square metre.

Outside Madrid and Barcelona, cities such as San Sebastian and Santander offer sea views, a factor which, according to Tasamadrid, is “decisive” in the cost of housing. The average values in San Sebastian, in the Paseo de Miraconcha, are 9'000 euros per square metre, while in Santander, property on the front line of the El Sardinero beach, is 7'800 euros per square metre. Next in the ranking comes Bilbao, where the price per square metre is 7'500 euros in the Gran Via de Lopez de Haro, the same as in the centre of A Coruña.

Further south, the old part of Seville has streets where prices are more than 7'000 euros per square metre.
In Malaga, prices in the Paseo Marítimo and the Paseo del Limonar are 6'000 euros per square metre.
The most expensive properties in Valencia are to be found in the Paseo de la Alameda, near the “Science City”, with prices of around 5'000 euros per square metre.

The most expensive property in VItoria, at more than 5'000 euros per square metre, is to be found in Calles Eduardo Dato, General Alava and San Prudencia.

The Calles Gran Via Rey Juan Carlos I, Victor Pradera, Miguel Villanuega are the most expensive in Logroño, between 4'500 and 5'700 euros per square metre.

The dearest street in Girona is Bisbe Lorenzana, at 5'850 to 6'500 euros per square metre, while in Tarragona, property in Rambla Nova, Avenida de Marques de Montoliu and Avenida Roma ranges from 3'000 to 4'800 euros per square metre.

In Guadalajara, the dearest streets are Calles Virgen del Amparo, Mayor and Miquel Fluiters, with average prices of 3'000 to 4'000 euros per square metre, rising to 4'000 to 5'000 euros for new buildings, the report said.

Tasamadrid is a firm which belongs to the Caja Madrid group and specialises in evaluating real estate.


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