ENAGAS will start the work to construct the gas pipe which will link the Spanish mainland with the Balearics as soon as the Summer season is over.
The company will lay the pipes next year and is confident that the whole system will be in operation by 2009.
According to the company, they already have the authorisation from the administration.
This was granted by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce's Energy and Mines Policy department, for the construction of the pipe, which will link the town of Denia in Alicante with Palma and Ibiza.

The pipe will be 268 kilometres in length.
The investment in this project will be 360 million euros, although the wider project, which includes the Montesa to Denia gas pipe, and a compression station in Denia, will cost as much as 490 million euros.

The gas pipe consists of two stretches; the first will run from Denia to Punta de Cala Gracio (Ibiza) and will have a length of 123 kilometres, and be sunk to a maximum depth of 997 metres; the second will run from San Antonio de Portmany (Ibiza) to the Power Station in San Juan de Dios (Majorca) and will have a length of 145 kilometres and be sunk to a maximum depth of 718 metres.

The diameter of the pipe will be 20 inches and the amount of pressure it is designed to take is 200 bars.
The maximum volume of natural gas which the pipe will be capable of transporting is 676'000 cubic metres and the gas will arrive on the island of Majorca with a pressure of 80 bars.

The point at which the gas pipe will surface in Majorca has been a source of controversy as it is close to Coll den Rebassa and the protected area of Es Carnatge.