By Paul Abrey' NOW that we have had time to settle into our new premises, on which I'm delighted to say, feedback is very positive, I thought it appropriate to ‘pause for thought' and remind both our residents and visitors of those services most sought after at this time of year. I also want to take advantage of drawing your attention to changes recently introduced by UK Immigration.

If my sources are right then there should be over 100'000 British tourists here at the moment – a warm welcome to all of you. Have a wonderful holiday and do take care of yourselves. Unfortunately, some of you will be the victims of crime – generally theft. Sometimes this involves the loss of your Passport.

If this is the case, then please inform the Police, who will give you a Police report (easy process generally and in many areas you can report the incident over the telephone and pick up the report later) and come to the Consulate and ask for an Emergency Passport. We have a photo booth on the premises and the process should take no more than 45 minutes.

Our telephone number is 971 712445 (Opening hours 9am –2pm Monday to Friday, although there is always a member of the team on call in case of emergencies). Our offices are in the centre of Town, just off the Plaza Espana.

Just to remind all of you, ALL British Citizens without a valid passport (whether lost, damaged or expired) are required to obtain an Emergency Passport. It is a valid official travel document. In the past, in exceptional circumstances, people have returned to the UK with just a Police report.

This is no longer possible – UK Immigration has advised us that they are not considered valid travel documents, even in exceptional circumstances and all people returning to the UK must have a valid travel document.

We have informed all travel agents of this but if you are told differently, this is incorrect and please do call the Consulate.

A police report is essential to enable you to apply for the emergency passport, but is not a valid travel document to re enter the UK.

NOW for the residents! A quick reminder for those residents who may find themselves in need of notarial services. The Consulate is able to provide/assist with: l Translations of Marriage, Birth & Death Certificates. l Provide information on how to obtain the above documents from the UK l Onward transmission for legalising the above documents. l Notices of Marriage/Certificates of Non Impediment l Alta/Baja document
· Certifying photocopies
· Witnessing signatures
l Passport photographs (Photo Booth in house)

Not only do you have the confidence that these documents are issued/processed by the Consulate but that our fees are the most competitive.

We know because we called around to a number of Notaries and Official Translators and found that we “offer the best value”! I bring my article to a close, whilst enjoying my modern air–conditioned office here on the fourth floor, I look down with huge envy at all of you enjoying the soaring temperatures! Only to say enjoy yourselves, but remember, my team and I are here to help, if needed. *Paul Abrey is the British Consul for Majorca and Minorca