Newsdesk SCHOOLS in the Balearics have only one computer for every 14.2 pupils compared to one computer per 2.6 pupils in Extremadura. The national average is one computer for every 9.3 pupils in primary and secondary education, dropping to 8.3 pupils in state schools and rising to 13 in private schools, according to a report relating to the 2005-06 school year, released yesterday by the Spanish ministry of education and science.

Private schools have poorer results in the introduction of the new technologies in all the regions.
Extremadura, traditionally one of the poorest regions in Spain, has the best record for computers with one per 2.2 pupils per computer in all schools, State and private.

Next is the Basque Country (6.7), Asturias (7.6) and Asturias (7.6).
Regions which have a worse record than the Balearics (one computer per 14.2 pupils in State and private schools) include Valencia (14) and the Canary Islands (12.8).

Just over 98 per cent of all the schools are connected to internet, the most common connection being ADSL which is used by more than 82 per cent of the schools.

All the schools in Andalucia, Extremadura, Navarre and the Basque Country are connected to internet but only 88 per cent of the schools in Galicia.
It is the government's aim to have two secondary education pupils per computer connected to internet in State schools by 2009 and six per computer in primary schools.

A recent report said that adolescent students who use a computer regularly, either at home or at school, have better academic results in maths.