REGIONAL president, Francesc Antich, said yesterday that this coming January, the Balearic government intends to officially approve the setting up of a separate tax system for the Islands which will become enshrined in law by March if it gets the go ahead from Parliament.

Antich claimed that not only would the new system be less complicated or long-winded than current reporting to central government in Madrid, but it would also ensure an increase in the funds that were made available for investment in the Islands. Although he was not prepared to go into great detail, the president said that tax collection performed on a regional basis would mean that his Administration would have a tighter and more efficient control of Revenue contribution.

The Balearic ministry for Tax and Economy would be granted equivalent powers to those now wielded in Madrid in terms of the right to collect, but would be unlikely to change the process already established at a local authority level around the Islands for ensuring that residents pay what they owe under tax regulations. “Because everything will be close to hand,” asserted Antich, “people living and paying tax in the Islands will have a great deal more information on and access to, the authorities which are collecting Revenue.” He added: “If the regional Administration is given the responsibility of collecting tax and passing it to central government for use, we should be given the local power to manage such funds.”


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