ECONOMIC problems are a cause of concern for a growing number of people across the country, a poll revealed yesterday.
The report, issued by CIS (centre for sociological investigation) researchers, confirmed that unemployment was the greatest worry for 40 percent of those interviewed, followed by housing and cash flow problems. It is this third concern that has entered the “top three” for the first time in this series of interviews.

The poll was conducted last November and showed that terrorism is still in fourth place with a drop of 2.5 percent as details were amassed just prior to the murder of two Guardia Civil Officers by the Basque Terrorist group ETA in Capbreton, France on 1st December. Immigration was also revealed as a “lesser” worry in November, passing from third on the list in October to fifth with 28.6 percent. With economic worries besetting the population, unemployment was first on the list with 40 percent (a rise of 2.6%); immediately following this top concern came worries over housing issues, although it had come down two points to settle at 32.9 percent; next down the list was “the state of the economy,” anxieties over which had risen 4.9 points to a percentage rating of 29.4. According to the CIS report, terrorism held steady in fourth place with 29.1 percent on the eve of the latest ETA outrage.

The perception of the country's economic state is also more pessimistic as in October, it was considered by 22.4 percent of those interviewed as being “good” or “very good” - one month later only 21.1 were still of the same opinion, 46.1 percent said it “wasn't so good” and 31.6 percent referred to the economy as “bad” or “very bad”.

Looking to the future, the majority (42.6%) prophesied that it will continue on the same level, whilst 32.4 percent said it would worsen, with only 10.7 percent suggesting it would “get better.” Coupled with this despondent outlook, when asked about the political climate, 34.3 percent described it as “bad” or “very bad” with only 17 percent saying it was “good” or “very good”. “Not so good” was the response from 41.1 percent. Asked what the political climate would be like in a year, the majority (47.2%) said it would be the same.


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