By Humphrey Carter

NEW Year revelers in Palma left over half a million kilos of rubbish strewn across the city's streets this week.
Images of the waste left along the Paseo Maritimo by the festive street parties have infuriated Palma residents and some are even threatening to take protest action if the city council continues to turn a blind eye to the regular street parties.

Yesterday, Palma's municipal waste collection board Emaya reported that between December 31 and January 1, New Year's eve, a total 558'100 kilos of rubbish were cleared off the streets of Palma - “a sizable increase” on the amount cleared last year, according to Emaya sources. The bulk of the waste was collected on the morning of New Year's Day, 526'760 kilos to be exact, and nearly 15'000 kilos were glass objects. Emaya launched its special New Year clean up operation at 9.30 on New Year's Eve with 2'640 kilos of rubbish piled up in Plaza Olivar where thousands of people had spent the day purchasing the ingredients for New Year's eve dinner.

In other areas of the city, such as Plaza Cort where thousands traditionally gather to see in the New Year, Emaya also had to shift a substantial amount of trash.

However, where Emaya's resources were stretched to their limits, was along the Paseo Maritimo where, despite scores of special waste bins having been laid out for the benefit of those joining the street party, tens of thousands of kilos of glass and plastic bottles, cups, tins, plastic bags and cardboard boxes etc. were left strewn across the sea front.

Palma's street party people left the Paseo in a similar condition on Christmas Day provoking widespread condemnation from residents who live along the sea front and boat owners who fear, unless street drinking is stamped out by the city council, their vessels are in mounting danger of being damaged.


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