REGIONAL anti-flu vaccination co-ordinator, Eugenia Carandell, gave assurances yesterday that the vaccine currently being dispensed in the region has been formulated to attack the most virulent strains of flu.

Carandell said that “flu bug” could emerge more “aggressively” this year following the discovery of a new strain in Australia two years ago which tripled the number of cases. However, the power of the new vaccine can cope with this, Carandell asserted. Looking at the incidence of the flu virus in the Balearics last year, Carandell said that it was lower than in other regions of the country and occurred later. “The spread of the virus fell within normal boundaries and was even lower than expected,” she said. The vaccination was recommended for medical and teaching staff as well as all emergency services - police, ambulance and fire officers - as their members have to deal with all levels of society, some of whom may be contagious. Carandell said that people rush to have the jab as soon as it is available but, she suggested, there is no need as the flu campaign runs until 28th November.


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