THE Balearic left-wing coalition government is facing its biggest crisis yet because the Majorca Unionist Party's refusal to strip Bartomeu Vicens of his parliamentary seat following his implication in the Son Oms corruption scandal threatens to destabilise the coalition.

Vicens is being investigated in connection with irregularities in the purchase and sale of the Son Oms industrial estate in the late 90's and the deposit of 51'000 euros in a Cayman bank account.

Bail was set at 40'000 euros for his wife this week and the judge presiding over the investigation has asked the Balearic High Court to rule that the spokesperson and MP for the Majorca Unionist Party be held in prison to protect the investigation.

Antich has called on the Majorcan Unionists to strip Vicens of his seat and expel him from the party but the Unionists, a member of the coalition government, is refusing to act on the President's wishes.

Vicens said yesterday that unless he is found guilty, he will not resign from parliament.