By Brett Gibbons

A leading Conservative has warned that even if the party wins the next General Election they will have to pay the price of Gordon Brown's high-spending legacy.

Mark Field, MP for the Cities of London and Westminster, was speaking ahead of last night's annual dinner of the Majorca branch of Conservatives Abroad.

Mr Field, who has a home in Alaro, said he was worried about the intensity of the financial problems facing Britain and feared the Tories may have to pick up the pieces. “We would win the battle, but lose the war,” warned Mr Field. “While I can't disagree with what the Prime Minister has done, 37 billion pounds is a hell of a lot of money to spend,” he added.
He said it was now up to the banks to re-introduce lending to enable the British economy to start moving again. “Confidence in the banking sector has been completely shattered,” he said.
The MP, who is shadow financial secretary to the Treasury, claimed that the country had yet to be completely affected by the recession. “When the recession really starts to hurt I fear it won't be long before a big employer has to make people redundant.