WORKING as a travel rep is often a temporary occupation and is a means of working and travelling abroad when young, single and eager to do something different. Therefore, it is a tribute to the strength of the friendships generated during three decades that the Golden Oldies of Thomson Holidays in Majorca have celebrated their fifth reunion in nearly twenty years.

Over a hundred people arrived at the Moli Des Comte Restaurant to celebrate and reminisce about old times; catching up with friends and ex colleagues, they have not seen for nearly five years.

Some came from as far afield as Canada and South Africa while many more travelled from the mainland of Spain and the UK. All had one thing in common; at one time, they had worked on the island for Thomson Holidays and had shared some amazing experiences. Many were working through the 70's and 80's when overbookings, delays through French airspace and hotel strikes were an almost everyday occurrence, meaning that the support and comradeship of workmates was vital.