THE Balearic Minister for Employment, Joana Barcelo, yesterday admitted that she and the government is “extremely worried” about the continuing rise in unemployment which appears to be hitting the young and the construction industry the hardest.

The minister also explained that there is growing concern about the economic slowdown which is preventing the market from creating new jobs and meeting the demand for employment. “We are facing a very difficult situation,” she said. “The government and all the local political parties are doing all we can to ease the situation and various measures are being introduced to try and stimulate the employment market,” she added.

However, the reality of the situation is that any government action is going to take time to introduce and even longer to take effect.
Yesterday's figures also revealed that the immigrant workers, many of which work in the construction industry, are also being particularly hit. 27 percent of those claiming unemployment benefit in the Balearics are foreigners.