By Brett Gibbons

THE run-up to Remembrance Sunday is always a poignant time for Palmanova couple Dennis and Mauri Palmer.
Neither served in any global conflict, but the husband and wife, originally from Lincoln, were both conscripted to units playing key roles in a volatile post-World War II world.

Dennis was involved in the controversial operation to repatriate Jews from across the world to the new state of Israel. His Royal Army Medical Corps unit also manned a hospital in the Egyptian capital of Cairo.

Meanwhile, Mauri served in the ATS - the women's army auxiliary service - in Austria when that country was in turmoil at the end of the war.
Both are still keen members of the Royal British Legion and they will be attending the Remembrance Service at Palma's Anglican Church on Sunday morning.

Dennis recalled the tense post-war political climate in the Suez region and the uproar caused by Britain's role in the creation of the new Israel.
The atmosphere was as hot as the desert temperatures as the 80'000-strong British garrison battled to keep a lid on anti-Western fever amongst the Arab states.

The army also struggled against Jewish guerilla activity following a block on mass immigration. Despite pressure from the USA, Britain refused to yield to pleas to allow more than 250'000 Jews from displacement camps around the world, entry into Israel.