SANTA Ponsa resident Ray Durkin feels the success of Barack Obama in the race for the White House will help end racial tension in the USA.
Ray, who kept in touch with the election campaign through friends living in New York, said the Democrat candidate's success would banish the underlying racial problems in America's Deep South. “There is still a major racial problem in the southern states,” claimed Ray. “I am so glad that Obama was elected because the country has a hell of a lot of race issues,” Ray added. “Even though I am without a vote, I would have selected Barack Obama if I had the chance. He was definitly the best candidate,” he continued.

Ray said one of his friends had lived in the Big Apple for more than 40 years. “We keep in touch regularly so I was able to follow what was going on at first hand. “My friends are not actively involved in politics, but they gave me all the information about the campaign,” he commented.