By Brett Gibbons

FORMER pilot Bim Davies gave up his youth to fight for his country and he will never be able to erase memories of former pals and colleagues from all over the Commonwealth.

These pals will be honoured tomorrow, Remembrance Sunday, even though Bim will not be performing his customary role divulging his wartime exploits during the Anglican Church service in Palma. “I am 85. It's too old I think,” he commented.
But Bim, a veteran of the Atlantic convoys in World War II, has many chilling memories of that frightening conflict amongst the crashing waves and storms of the ocean.

He was a pilot in the Fleet Air Arm and flew dangerous missions in sluggish Fairey Swordfish aircraft from the legendary MAC ships.
Merchant Aircraft Carriers (MAC) were minimal aircraft carriers used during World War II by Britain and the Netherlands as an emergency measure until United States-built escort carriers became available in useful numbers.