By Brett Gibbons

FESTIVE bargain hunters in the Balearics are eyeing a cut-price Christmas following sterling's plunge in value against the euro.
Shoppers will be able to jet to the UK and snap up the best seasonal deals after the UK currency hit a record-low against the strong euro yesterday.
Customers will also be able to share in the bargain bonanza after two major High Street stores began online shopping deliveries to Spain.
The euro is now worth about 84 pence, its highest since the single currency was launched in 1999.
It is rapidly heading towards one pound to one euro parity after UK opposition politicians warned that Prime Minister Gordon Brown's plans to borrow to fund tax cuts would send sterling into freefall. The UK currency has had a more violent battering in recent months than it endured after it famously fell out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism on Black Wednesday in September 1992.