By Brett Gibbons

CINEMAGOERS in Majorca have been gripped by Bond fever with the new 007 epic Quantum Of Solace breaking box office records this week.
The latest Bond blockbuster, starring Daniel Craig, looks set to smash box office records and top the movie charts just a week after its Majorca release.

Palma's Ocimax cinema has screenings of Quantum Of Solace in Spanish, English and German and fans of the secret agent have been queuing up to see 007 in action.

Previous box office favourites like terror film SAW 5 and High School Musical 3 have been swept aside with the same clinical efficiency that Bond himself reserves for his arch enemies.

SAW 5, the latest in the series of blood-thirsty horror flicks, had collected more than 2.25 million euros during its first week of release in Spain, while the newest High School Musical offering had accumulated 8.25 million euros since hitting cinemas.

But both these are set to be eclipsed by Quantum Of Solace after a bumper first weekend on release.
Bond fans continued to be impressed by 007's latest adventures over the weekend, after it was premiered at a special Daily Bulletin screening on Friday afternoon.

Ex-pats and resident movie fans ensured that it was one of the busiest and most successful openings at Palma's Ocimax cinema. Agent 007's newest adventure was labelled as “brilliant,” by the majority of the special Bulletin audience and they enthused about Craig's performance as the secret agent.

The actor first stepped into Bond's shoes in Casino Royale, the previous installment in the 007 saga. Producers wanted the storyline to directly follow-on from its predecessor as it explored Bond's quest for revenge following the death of his lover.