VITAL renovation work looks set to go-ahead on the headquarters of Calvia's SOS Animal refuge.
SOS Animal cares for dogs, which have been ill-treated and abandoned, at their premises in Calvia. The refuge has been awaiting permission to improve its headquarters for several months.

But Calvia Council yesterday finally confirmed that the renovations can commence after the delay.
A Calvia spokeswoman commented: “The confirmation has finally been signed so work on the dog pound will soon be able to start.” Over 70'000 euros was raised towards the animal charity at a special golf day organised by famous fund-raiser Robert Winsor MBE, in association with colleague Glenda Dean, in 2006. The fund-raisers expressed their anger earlier this year about the delays in obtaining permission for the improvements at the animal centre.

Robert commented: “We were delighted to announce that the event made 70'000 euros. This money will be used to build larger and modern facilities at SOS. They have a small refuge that is operated entirely by volunteers and they never destroy a healthy dog,” he said.