A report on latest surveys carried out by Spain's Centre for Sociological Investigation revealed yesterday that poverty and race are the key causes of discrimination across the country.

Of the 2'500 interviewees taking part in the research, 54.3 percent maintained that such attitudes of margination can frequently be seen when someone doesn't belong to the race or nationality that is the majority of a country. Discrimination, said 49 percent of those taking part in the survey, can also be triggered against people by the very fact that they are living on or below the poverty line.

Nearly four of every ten people interviewed claimed that sexual discrimination exists in Spain but it was not a majority view. However, 62 percent believed that religion or personal beliefs were not aspects of a person's makeup which would be likely to be the cause of unfair treatment, whilst a group of 31 percent firmly maintained the contrary.

In relation to a person's physical appearance, 38.5 percent claimed that this could be a factor of discrimination but 56 percent said that it did not. In so far as the work place is concerned, very few Spaniards said they had felt discriminated against because of their ethnic background, sex, age, religion, physical appearance, sex or place in the country's socio-economic system, in fact 87 percent confirmed they had had no concerns in this regard at all. Even more (95.9%) said that they had never had any discriminatory experience whatsoever in the neighbourhood where they lived.


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