COSTITX MAJORCA'S planetarium at Costitx has had a new digital system installed which allows 360 degree viewing in the dome . The new “Fulldome” programme which eliminates previous screen restrictions, means that visitors to the planetarium are given the sensation of being completely immersed in the night sky. The planetarium was visited yesterday by the President of the Council of Majorca, Francina Armengol and Antoni Salas, the Mayor of Costitx. They were accompanied by Salvador Sanchez, the director of the Majorcan Planetarium who treated them to an inaugural showing. Sanchez said the new system is a great leap forward in scientific terms as it provides new educational angles on the moon and asteroids. “We aim to bring science closer to both children and adults,” he claimed. The Fulldome system is only installed in the world's most modern planetariums and has been brought to Spain following contact with American observatories. Other places in Spain which have it are Coruña, Valencia, Cuenca and The Canary Islands.