OVER half the employed population of the Balearics say they are satisfied with their jobs, but with 11.8 percent saying they were “definitely not satisfied” in what they did for a living, the Balearics is the second “unhappiest” workforce in the country, Human Resources watchdog “Ramstad Workmonitor” claimed yesterday.

The company, which has carried out research on levels of job satisfaction in 25 countries, said that its findings showed that “unhappiness at work” in the Balearics is superseded only by that of Cantabria, where the number of people who gave the thumbs down in response to what they thought of their job was a resounding 23 percent.

Randstand said that there were major differences in approach to employment according to level of education. Those who were in motivating, well-paid jobs were much more likely to express satisfaction with their employment than those who were carrying out work for which no qualifications were required. Age was also a factor - there was a decline in the level of job satisfaction from the age of 45 upwards.