STAFF REPORTER REPRESENTATIVES of a Majorcan Socialist coalition met with residents in Can Pastilla yesterday to hear the concerns of homeowners whose properties are due to be demolished as part of the Playa de Palma reform programme.

The coalition said that although in principle it is not against the modernisation and urban reform of the Playa de Palma, they wanted to see an amendment made to the architectural plans which would prevent the destruction of 91 homes. The houses, mostly owned by retired people or those who have saved over the years to have a home by the sea, have long been viewed as the last bastion of a neighbourhood with a true “Mediterranean” character.

The PSM said that they would approach not just Palma City Council but also the government consortium which has been specially set up to oversee the project to try and get the plans modified.

As the Playa de Palma programme stands at the moment, the 91 homes and 5 commercial properties will be knocked down to make way for an esplanade and an underground parking lot.

Residents association spokesman, Llorenç Balaguer said yesterday that his members were deeply worried that if the Playa de Palma scheme goes ahead without modification, they will be left without a home and will have to restart their lives in another area without their consent being given. There is also no justification, said Balaguer, that the demolition and relocation is being done in the “general interest.”