By Humphrey Carter

THE four sopranos, DIV4S, Desireè, Isabella, Vittoria and Sofia, who will be accompanying Andrea Bocelli in tonight's concert of the year were in Palma rehearsing with the Balearic Symphony Orchestra and the Balearic University Choir last night.

The four sopranos, who started off with Bocelli two years ago said that they are really looking forward to tonight's concert and that it is a double honour to be accompanying Bocelli and sharing the line up with Sir Elton John. “We started with Bocelli, he's like our godfather and we have sung with him regularly over the past two years,” the four sopranos said.

“Apart from performing to such a huge crowd in a stadium, it's also going to be very exciting for us because apart from accompanying Bocelli, we will also be singing one song alone,” they added.

All four are classically trained singers but they are working on an opera/pop album however, they stressed there is a very fine line they are being careful not to cross and that is from classical to pop. “At the heart of the album we're classical singers and we want to stay true to that,” they said.
And, having worked with Bocelli, they know they have to set the bar high. “He's such a wonderful singer and each time we work together, we try and step up to his level but it's very hard,” they said.
It will also be different performing in a stadium than a theatre. “In a theater we only have our voice, so we have to work very hard to project it, in a stadium concert we've got microphones so it's a little bit easier,” they added.

Are they nervous? “No, we have our musical repertoire with Bocelli so we all know what we have to do. “That said, every concert is different so there could be some surprises,” they said.
Over 25'000 people are expected to attend tonight's mega concert which will begin with Andrea Bocelli, DIV4S, Heather Headley and Saoia Hernandez and then finishes with Sir Elton John's Rocket Man show of his greatest hits.

Yesterday, the final touches were being put to the giant stage with the first sound and light checks due to have taken place later last night.
The rest of the performers are due to arrive in Palma this morning and rehearsals with the Balearic Symphony Orchestra and the Balearic University Choir will be taking place at the Son Moix stadium early this afternoon.

For many Bocelli and Elton John fans, the long wait for the biggest concert the Balearics has ever seen is going to be over in just a matter of hours.


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