MAJORCA'S Banca March has been named by the prestigious New Europe magazine as one of the top financial services organisations in Europe in 2010.
Banca March was itemised in the magazine's “Fast50 2010” list for its performance in private banking services to the public.
The list of 50 companies represents businesses from around the world which have reached the peak of performance in their respective fields. “They are also companies which because of their own high achievements are promoting growth in their specialised industry,” the magazine said of its chosen few.

The “Fast50”, said a magazine spokesman yesterday, is forming a new elite in the business world. “Their vision and outstanding results have contributed towards the quality and development of financial services, technology, investment management and other growth sectors,” he explained in a statement in the magazine's December 2010 issue.

According to New Europe, in 2010 Banca March captured a further 22 percent of the European financial services sector, demonstrating strong leadership in a number of far-sighted projects.

Banca March Director Rafael Gascó said after the publication of the “Fast50” list: “At a moment of crisis in the private banking sector when many organisations have been shrinking, we have been able to offer quality growth.”