Andratx.—Avenida Francisca Capllonch Plomer, the main through road of the coastal residential area of Camp de Mar in Andratx was first dug up for road works by the municipal council more than two months ago.

The fact that a section of the Avenida has been cut off to traffic has meant problems of access and the need for complicated diversions.
The previous town council in Andratx had begun work on tidying up some deficiencies in the street and the current council has said that it wants to make further improvements.

The fact remains however, that there has been no movement to further the project for over two months.
The wrong way
Taxi drivers are vociferously complaining that because Avenida Francisca Capllonch Plomer has been cut, they are now forced to drive the wrong way down one-way streets in order to gain access to the centre of Camp de Mar. Drivers said that the fault that they are having to break the law lies with the council.

The taxi drivers say they are “fed up” with the road being blocked off by metal barriers strung out across the surface of the Avenida and piles of sand and gravel which appear to sit on the surface of the road, apparently unused.

The Urban development department of Andratx town council said yesterday that it had “no knowledge” of the situation.