Palma de Majorca. “Home insurance in Spain, accident rates and failure to insure,” a study undertaken by Direct Line (Linea Directa), showed that although 13 of every 100 homes suffer accident and damage over the course of a year, 49 percent remain uninsured.

Using details of 70'000 accidents in the home registered with the company over the last three years, December is reportedly the month when properties sustain most damage (10.5% of cases) followed by November (9.7%) and January (9.6%). April and May are the months when least accidents happen.

Contrary to popular belief that theft, fire, and broken doors and windows are the incidents which cause the most damage to property in the country, Linea Directa was able to show that more claims for damage have been made as a result of people leaving taps on or from leaking pipes (20.4% of cases studied), followed by deficiencies caused by lightning, wind and hailstorms.

In the Balearics meanwhile, it is damage from lightning, wind and hailstorms which is the most frequent (25% of all claims made) followed by damage from leaving a tap running.