Palma.—Lawyer Pascual Vives, who is acting as Inaki Urdangarin's spokesman, said yesterday that there seemed to be a “popular clamour” in the media for charging the Duke of Palma.

Speaking to reporters, Pascual Vives, who had not been able to contact the Duke of Palma because of the time difference between Spain and the United States, stressed that Urdangarin is “absolutely innocent and now he will have the opportunity to start defending his honour.” Version of events
Counsel for the Barcelona Bar Association and specialising in matters of criminal law and procedure, Vives is the only one authorised to speak in the name of the Duke. “It's always good to be able to give your version of events,” stressed the spokesman in response to the judge´s summons of Urdangarin in a fraud probe.

Justice must be equal
The lawyer also stressed that the Duke still does not know in detail what the accusations against him are. “We do not know exactly what he is charged with but justice must be equal for all,” he stressed, again referring to the media's reaction to yesterday development. “We are all innocent until proven otherwise.”